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EMI pre test

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We provide enterprises with the product EMI and electrical safety prediction test and other services to control the quality of initial products for enterprises, and provide a clear direction for the improvement of the quality of the subsequent products.

The necessity of pre-test

1: Before the order is made to the manufacturer, the buyer usually requires supplier to provide the test template, and then the formal order will be obtained through the buyers test. If the manufacturers model is not tested, or only through unprofessional simple assessment test, the sample is rushed sent to the customer, its possible to miss customers’ orders and suffer a lot.

2: For product certification of enterprise, random sampling prototype is generally adopted, and then send to the certification company. The next thing is to wait for the FAIL report of the certification company, and then make the design adjustments according to the FAIL report, and finally carry out the second round of re test. Its easy to do, and its very compact in time. However, this method is hasty and undesirable. Re testing not only requires double payment to the certification company, but also delays the time of product development and production, and delays customers’ large goods delivery time. It is more likely that one of the test items is rectified and another test item is affected, which will eventually lead to the certification time being within the foreseeable future.

If pre test is carried out before doing the above work, then the rest of the work and time can be mastered.

Pre test service process

Product evaluation (determine the items to be tested)------get letter of project approval------issue test related data------put forward suggestions for rectification. For high-risk projects, we will issue data from two different experimental sites to ensure the versatility of the data.

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