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Basic principle of power line filter
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Today, I would like to share with you the basic principle of power filter forming power circuit:

L1 is a common-mode inductor, and its upper and lower and left and right sides are two common-mode inductor electromagnetic coils. These two coils are wound on the same transformer core, with the same number of turns and position (wound in the opposite direction). In this way, when all the normal current in the power supply circuit flows through the common-mode inductor, the current in the inductor coil wound at the same position causes the electromagnetic field in the opposite direction to offset each other, then all the normal data signal current is critical by the coil resistance (and small amount of leakage induced by vibration absorption).

When there is an electric flow through the electromagnetic coil, because of the cotropism of the common mode electric flow, the electromagnetic field in the same direction will be caused in the electromagnetic coil to expand the inductive reactance of the electromagnetic coil, so that the main performance of the electromagnetic coil is high characteristic impedance, resulting in a very strong actual effect of vibration reduction, for this reason, the attenuation coefficient of the common mode electric flow will exceed the goal of filtering.

The Y capacitor of the power filter is a capacitor with a jumper connection between the two lines of the power line and the ground (l-e, n-e). It usually occurs in pairs. According to the limit of leakage current, the value of the Y capacitor cannot be very large.
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