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The necessity and choice of adding filter to nc plasma cutti
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EMI filter is a device used to eliminate noise and filter the input or output to obtain pure direct current. A circuit that effectively filters out frequencies at or beyond a particular frequency is a filter whose function is to obtain or eliminate a particular frequency. CNC cutting machine with plasma cutting, in order to prevent plasma cutting on the CNC system and the interference of the system. Sometimes a filter needs to be added. Here are some points to be done to detect the filter before selecting the filter:

1. Select a multistage filter that can suppress self-resonance as far as possible.

2. Compare the output impedance of the filter circuit with the input impedance of the power supply, whether it will affect the stability of the filter.

3. Insert loss test for the filter.

4. The high input impedance filter matches the low supply impedance.

5. Must be able to withstand occasional high pressure transients, such as thunderstorms.
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